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stumbling upon inspiration



A message from Liz Rykert  


Sometimes you stumble upon inspiration when you least expect it.

Regan Leader looks like  many of the  young women I spin with at the cycle and yoga studio in my neighbourhood, Spynga. She is fit, focused on her ride, and a regular. Like me, she spins most mornings at 6:30 am. Just before the holidays she approached me after class:

“Are you Liz? Do you do the Ride to Conquer Cancer?”

“I am Liz and yes this will be my third year riding. Are you doing the ride?” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

“Are you riding for someone?” I asked. She paused, and quietly nodded yes. I felt her hesitation. I worried I may have over stepped my bounds.  Then she asked me:

“Are you riding for someone?”

Smiling, I said: “Yes, I ride for my husband John who had lymphoma, and over the years I have also ridden for a group of other people  we know who have also been diagnosed with cancer.”

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confession of cycling convert


If you’re here, on this website, chances are you already spin.  But maybe you’re just thinking about indoor cycling.  And maybe you are scared.  I wouldn’t blame you.  The first time I came, I was scared to death.  I was also embarrassed.  Would I really be able to take this seriously?  A preacher-woman yelping over throbbing pop to sprint like I meant it?  To “get to the top” of an entirely fictional hill?

Well, I emerged a little queasy, sweaty from eyelashes to forearms to knees, and a TOTAL CONVERT!! 

There is no better way than indoor cycling to plunge directly into your body, fast  fast  fast!  The music blurs your thoughts right out, endorphins flood your bod, suddenly Katy Perry’s the most meaningful thing you ever heard, you truly believe this wild-child on the bike up front, shouting that you can do anything.  You can!  It’s a beautiful feeling – cinematic, inspiring and fun.  Not to mention the calories burned and the myriad muscles strengthened, including the all-important heart!  

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Top 10 Reasons to Do Spynga’s Yoga Alliance Certified 225 Hour Teacher Training

meredith bannan, pranayama & meditation teacher

Ok…We are up to 12 reasons. Ever left a juicy yoga class and thought, hmmm… I wish I could teach like that? Ever had an inkling to inspire and move people back to themselves through breath and a spirited flow called yoga? Here’s your chance!

1.       You love yoga so much you want to share the love with others!

2.       An opportunity to study and learn about anatomy (in a fun way of course!), yogic philosophy, meditation, breathing techniques that calm and energize, and how to get in that very twisty pretzel pose that eludes you. See curriculum here!

3.       Learn about yourself and take a trip on a remarkable transformational personal journey

4.       Immerse yourself in a community of like minded people who can sit and talk about the minutia of posture alignment all day!

5.       Discover the impact of teaching, inspiring, and touching people’s lives daily and what that does to your soul and the soul of others.

6.       Work with a fantastically experienced faculty!

7.       Free Yoga for 5 months (it’s included!)

8.       Learn how to make a passion of yours a real live business and you are the BOSSS.. .yogi-like of course!

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