Help your kids find Calm

In this workshop Dana Chapman will share what she has come to believe are helpful and practical ways to think about, and work with, anxiety. We will explore both western and eastern models to bring new perspectives to this timely topic and to lay a case for the value of connection…both to ourselves and to our students and children. We will build a toolbox including breathing techniques, rhythmic movements, and yoga poses to calm, ground, and relax children. We will also explore visualizations and guided meditations to awaken imagination and encourage relaxation. This session will be experiential so you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and inspired! You will also leave with simple tools to experiment with in your own practice, with your own children, or in your own classroom.
date: Sunday December 3, 2017
time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm
investment: $45 + tax
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